Additional Services

Working in such a diverse industry KpH Deconstruction are constantly striving to develop and grow; providing services to our clients over and above our core business strategy. We are able to incorporate Temporary Works and select Builders Works into our packages. Other areas include a diversion of services: Asbestos Surveying; Asbestos Removal; Contaminated Waste Removal and associated Environmental Cleaning, such as: Laboratory Cleaning and Fuel Tank Cleaning and Removal.

We are committed to offering a full turnkey solution and where we cannot offer such a service in-house we will look to utilise one of our fully vetted, qualified Sub-Contractors. If your project requirements are not covered within our key services page contact us and we are confident that will be able to assist in providing a solution.

M&E Isolations

We employ innovative access techniques and careful planning to isolate services so that key utilities remain live throughout our works and neighbouring concessions/businesses can continue operating un-impeded. The isolations themselves are undertaken by approved and experienced Electricians and Mechanical Engineers within our Supply Chain.

Asbestos Surveys

We utilise qualified Sub-Contractors to undertake Refurbishment and Demolition (R&D) Asbestos Surveys prior to works commencing (if required). We are able to advise clients of the most up-to-date HSE requirements and provide innovative solutions surrounding logistics to mitigate any programme implications that surveys may uncover.

Notifiable Non-Licenced Work (NNLW) Asbestos Removal

We are qualified to safely remove Notifiable Non-Licenced Work (NNLW) Asbestos and transport it to an approved disposal site providing our client with all the necessary consignment paperwork for their records.

Licenced Asbestos Removal

Our Health and Safety Manager, Marilla King-Smith, is qualified to supervise and coordinate the works of our approved Licenced Asbestos Removal Sub-Contractors. As an Information Service Member of ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors Association), we also ensure that all changes to legislation are promptly integrated into our processes.

Confined Space

We can utilise the Confined Space qualifications of our sister companyKpH Environmental Services Ltd, to provide Strip Out, land remediation and decontamination in Confined Spaces.

Temporary Building Works

KpH can undertake a range of Temporary Works Packages, which can be carried out utilizing the clients Design Team or our own approved Temporary Works Design Contractor. We employ a number of temporary works techniques; commonly using modular or proprietary systems ranging from Acro’s, Mega Props or fixed Scaffold. Where a Modular System is not practicable we can engage with our approved Steelworks Contractor to produce bespoke systems designed to achieve the Client’s objectives.

Land Remediation

We treat and recycle contaminated soils and construction wastes with a broad range of contaminants, for example: Refrigerant Gasses, Tires, Compressed Gas Bottles, Asbestos, Oils, Petrochemicals, Batteries). We sort through the soil/waste to segregate hazardous materials, and transport them to processing facilities for licenced disposal and recycling. These works can also be provided by our sister companyKpH Environmental Services Ltd.

Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) Testing

We can provide land sampling and characterisation testing through Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) Testing to produce Waste Classification Reports for predicting costs and advising on transportation and treatment methodologies. These services can also be provided by our sister companyKpH Environmental Services Ltd.

Japanese Knotweed

Working closely with our Environmental Consultants we are also able to manage the removal of Japanese Knotweed.

Environmental Cleaning

We can survey, clear, treat and recycle waste from contaminated buildings such as laboratories and hospitals, containing unwanted or hazardous substances/materials. Contaminates include: drugs, needles, animal waste and human waste. We work with approved Sub-Contractors to de-gas chillers and air-conditioning units, and with our sister company, KpH Environmental Services Ltd, to decontaminate and cleanse the area.


"...impressed with their approach commercially, logistically and in regards Health and Safety."

Colliers International [previously Bollingbrook] have been working successfully with KpH for several years on various projects in and around London. We have always been impressed with their approach commercially, logistically and in regards Health and Safety. Their Management Team provide reassurance that the job will be completed on programme and within budget and we look forward to working alongside them on future projects.

Peter Radford