Our Social Responsibilities

KpH acknowledges our responsibilities towards society, the environment and our stakeholders. Through managing our business in a fair and ethical manner we are able to demonstrate our consideration towards employees and the wider community.

Our commitment to engaging with our community is detailed below and memorialised in our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement.

Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) Accredited

KpH Deconstruction have achieved Performance Beyond Compliance certification on 100% of our sites audited by the CCS; regularly receiving top scores in the following categories:

  • Respect the Community
  • Protection of the Environment
  • Valuing our Workforce

To read more about our CCS accredited sites, visit:

Some of the ways in which we achieve our CCS Respect for the Community scores are as follows:

Working with the Community

KpH consider the needs and safety of the local community at every project site, and work hard to minimise disturbance or disruption to their activities.

We were awarded a CCS Bronze Award at our site at 10 Devonshire Square in recognition of our efforts to accommodate live businesses and liaise successfully with neighbours and tenants.

Supporting Local/Industry Charities

KpH believe it is important to invest time and resources into supporting local projects and charities that have a positive impact on the community surrounding our sites.

At our Head Office in Caterham KpH we have actively raised funds for, or sponsored, a variety of local causes over the years, some of which are detailed below:

We also make it a priority to support important causes in our industry or that are local to our sites; aiming to add value to the communities we work with:

Respect for the Environment

ISO 14001:2015 Accreditation

KpH successfully migrated our Environmental Management System (EMS) to the new standard and are ISO 14001:2015 accredited. Being upgraded to the revised standard ensures that KpH has:

  • more management accountability
  • will provide more resources to resolving environmental issues effectively;
  • will be able to put greater emphasis on protecting the environment;
  • will be able to affect the changes on our supply chain; and,
  • will have a more resilient plan in place for managing potential risks to the environment from internal and external influences, readying our EMS for the future.

Focus on Career Development

KpH look to engage people with potential in apprenticeship positions in all areas of our business as a way of utilising and nurturing local resources. Our training programmes and produced some great success stories over the years:

Site Labourers

Our Trainee Labourers Programme is designed to support and help keen and interested individuals on their journey from their starting role as a Trainee Labourer to a fully qualified Labourer and skilled Operative.

Estimating Surveyors / Quantity Surveyors

We employ Trainee/Junior Quantity Surveyors direct from University who then progress through our concentrated programme for graduate development within our Organisation to become fully qualified Estimating Surveyors.

Career Open Days

KpH Deconstruction believe it is important to share our experience and knowledge with up-and-coming talent and we will look to participate in career progression and education based Open Days as often as possible. For us as an employer, it is a fantastic opportunity to meet the next generation of potential employees and offer them a position in our specially developed training programme for Trainee Labourers.