Structural Alteration

Setting us apart from a traditional Strip Out Contractor, KpH Deconstruction have the in-house expertise and experience to undertake structural alterations to buildings and infrastructures.

We provide our clients with practical solutions to what can often be complex site challenges. Often these works are undertaken within live, sensitive environments where careful planning to mitigate noise migration is of key importance to our clients. Effective environmental monitoring is a significant factor on projects of this nature.

Examples of structural alterations works we typically undertake are:

  • Saw cutting of concrete floor slabs and breaking out, using diamond drillingtrack sawing and robotic demolition techniques.
  • Removal of blockwork walls.
  • Removal and reduction of re-enforced concrete columns, using wire saws and spider cranes.
  • Formation of openings within lift shaft walls.
  • Façade Removal.
  • General opening up works (investigation or permanent works).

We can provide up-front advice in regards to logistics, sequencing and budgeting to ensure that the project meets the clients’ specific needs. You can read case studies of our structural alteration works here.