West Croydon Bus Garage


Client: Transport for London c/o O Rourke Contracting & EM Highways
Project: West Croydon Bus Garage Demolition
Brief Description

Demolition of the existing West Croydon Bus Garage Structure including excavation to a depth of 3m. Works were undertaken near to a public footpath and Tram Lines. It also included tree protection within our site demise.

Our works consisted of the demolition and disposal of West Croydon Bus Station’s super and substructure together with associated works. These included but were not limited to:

  • dismantling and Removing all outer claddings and glazing;
  • removal and disposal of roof claddings;
  • dismantling and deconstructing the building’s steel frame and disposing of all debris from site.

Additional works included the grubbing up of the building floor slab and foundations to a depth of 3m.

Works were undertaken using a 40t Excavator with shear attachments and a 20t and 24t machine with grapple and breaker, all operated by our in-house trained operatives.

Traffic marshalling was coordinated with and by EM Highways who operated a ‘Just in Time’ process whereby phone calls from drivers to the site team were made 5/10 minutes out to ensure access routes were clear.

The Control of Dust Pollution was undertaken in accordance with the ‘Code of Practice on Control of Pollution and Noise from Construction Sites.

The Control of noise was monitored and managed in line with ‘Croydon Borough’s Hours of Noisy Work’.

The works were undertaken within a tight 5 weeks programme. In that time 1,361T of waste was removed from site including 1,131T of Hardcore.

Despite the constraints placed upon us with regards to space and the segregation of waste at source we were still able to achieve an impressive recycling score of 99%.

Our Site Team were highly commended by our client EM Highways and achieved exemplary Health and Safety Scores following an audit of our systems.