The Gherkin, London

Strip Out and Enabling 

Client: Square Metre
Project: The Gherkin, London

Brief Description:

KpH Deconstruction successfully completed this 1 week Strip Out and Enabling project for client, Square Metre.

30 St Mary Axe, informally known as The Gherkin, is a commercial skyscraper in London’s primary financial district. The Strip Out works were carried out on Level 12 of the existing building, covering circa 3,000 square feet of office space, which remained occupied throughout the project.

Our main challenge was to complete the contract within a restricted timeframe and without disturbing the existing tenants. To maximise efficiency, split shifts were put in place to regulate the use of the Goods Lift, which was being shared with other Contractors, and waste was removed from the building out of hours. Noisy works were als0 planned for out of hours to avoid causing a disturbance to the tenants on Levels 11 and 13.

During the project additional works were instructed, including the partial removal of the Raised Access Flooring and Communication Units, which we were able to accommodate without breaching our deadline.

Scope of Works

Strip Out and Enabling works included the removal and disposal of the following

• Air Handling Units and above ceiling services;
• Communications Room;
• Kitchen Area;
• Raised Access Floor;
• Ductwork.