St Margaret’s Church, Finchley

Structural Alteration and Concrete Demolition

Client: GPF Lewis PLC
Project: St Margaret’s Church, Finchley

Brief Description

KpH undertook this 3 week Structural Alteration and Concrete Demolition project for Principle Contractor, GPF Lewis PLC. The purpose of the project was to prepare the Church Hall area for redevelopment and refurbishment into flats.

The works were completed in two phases: the first phase was to demolish the Church Hall and back buildings; and the second phase was to Strip Out the remaining areas of the Church.

We completed the works within a tight 3 week programme to accommodate the Ground Workers who were booked to start the redevelopment on a fixed date.

The Church was surrounded by homes and Hotels, with a Children’s Nursery opposite, therefore works had to be organised within specific time-frames so as not to cause disruption. Due to the close proximity of local children, a Banksman was posted on the gate at all times to control access and to increase public safety. The narrow access roads and local parked cars were a challenge for deliveries and waste removal, so 2 people were allocated to each vehicle with the appropriate skill-set to direct and divert traffic; preventing any congestion.

Scope of Works

  • The full Demolition of the Church Hall (using a 360 Excavator) and back buildings; including the removal of slab and footings.
  • The Strip Out of the Church interior, including: raised Stage Area with an Organ; timber floors; the side of the Level 1 and Level 1 Seating Galleries.
  • Two side stone Staircases were broken out and 3 large Trees removed.