Premier House

Strip Out and Asbestos Works

Client: Victoria Space UK Limited
Project: Premier House

Brief Description:

In the capacity of Principal Contractor, KpH Deconstruction undertook this Strip Out, Enabling and Asbestos Removal project at Premier House on behalf of Victoria Spaces UK Ltd and working alongside Quantem Consulting and Meridian Project Management. The Building is located near to Victoria Station in London, with a combined floor area of 61,000sq ft. The original asbestos and strip out package was based on a 12 week programme combining Licensed Asbestos Removal and Strip Out sequenced in conjunction with one another. It became clear following further intrusive strip out that not all asbestos within the building had been identified within the R & D Survey and therefore further surveys were undertaken to reveal additional licenced asbestos to be removed.

In order to provide our client with an Asbestos free building, the works were re-programmed and the additional asbestos removal was undertaken by our sub-contractor T & S Environmental. The additional works required a programme extension of 8 months.

T & S Environmental Ltd Special Projects Director quoted

‘It was a challenging project which we were ready to take on and with our dedicated and skilled workforce, we delivered in a safe, timely and compliant manner. The discovery of the additional asbestos, often embedded into the fabric of the building, required bespoke methods of removal using specialist techniques and abrasive blasting by our highly trained workforce.’

Each floor required a Full Strip-Out back to brickwork, working alongside T&S Environmental who carefully and safely undertook the asbestos removal in sequence. The works presented various challenges and at all times we took the necessary steps to ensure that we mitigated as far as possible any potential impact to neighbouring  properties and the integrity of the building. Key elements to the works which required particular caution were:

  • The removal of render ensuring minimal damage to the  exposed brickwork
  • The Strip Out and Removal of Roof Top Plant , ensuring that the integrity of the building was kept intact and watertight
  • Working above and close to live tenants in occupation on the Ground Floor. Particular attention was to be paid to any live services that were shared between the two areas and retaining those services throughout our time on site in order to minimise any business disruption. Noise and Vibration nuisance were monitored regularly to ensure our working methods met current noisy works regulations.

Scope of Works

The Scope of Works consisted of the removal of the following

  • Carpet tiles, plasterboard partitions, doors, fixtures and fittings ;
  • Ceiling tiles, ceiling services ;
  • Floor coverings and Raised Access Floor ;
  • Removal of Render
  • Strip –Out of Toilets
  • Plant
  • M&E
  • Passenger and Goods Lift
  • Staircases
  • Cladding removal, staircase removal and removing additional brick walls