Premier House, Edgware

Enabling Works

Client: South Coast Construction
Project: Premier House, Edgware Road
Brief Description

Working to a programme of 16 weeks, the works involved the remaining Strip Out, internal demolition of below window block work, brickwork infills and removal of glazed windows to this 14-storey building. Additionally removal of Roof Top Plant was also undertaken, whilst liaising with various other trades to ensure optimum programme and sequencing.

Scope of Works

The works as briefly described above were as follows:

  • Perimeter Walls and Blockwork Wall Removal – This was undertaken in sequence working behind the scaffold contractors. This further ensured protection from any broken, glazed panels. Walls were broken using Hilti 80 breakers with dampening down at source to avoid dust migration.
  • Glazed Window Removal – In a similar way to the blockwork wall removal the works were sequenced to allow the scaffolders to always remain in advance of our works. The building was de-glazed from level 1 upwards. Upon completion by the scaffold contractors to each level, operatives would work off the scaffold to apply a demolition film to the glazed windows. Following this, wearing goggles and gauntlets, our trained site operatives would break the panels and push the broken glass into the building where it was carefully disposed of off site.
  • Roof Top Plant, Associated Pipeworks, Pumps, Water Tanks and Boiler Removal
  • Lift Removal – To allow for the dismantling and removal of the lift a scaffolding deck was erected on each level within the lift shaft. A block and tackle system was used to lower the lift car weights down to level 14, weight then transport to Ground Floor via a hoist. A fume extraction system was set up and the lift doors were removed on the working floor. Following this, and working off the scaffold platform inside the lift shaft, operatives used hot and cold cutting techniques to remove the lift in its entirety.