Northcliffe House

Strip Out & Enabling Works

Client: DWS Grundbesitz GMBH
Project: Northcliffe House

Brief Description:

KpH undertook this project in the capacity of Principal Contractor, working on behalf of DWS and alongside Gardiner & Theobold and M3 Consulting. Northcliffe House was first built in 1925 as a modern print and production facility for the Daily Mail newspaper, it is located within the Whitefriars Conservation Area and was assigned Grade II listed status in 1988.

The scheduled programme of works reflected an 8 week lead in period for Validations and investigations with a subsequent 16 week programme for the Strip Out Works. Delays within the City of London Planning Department meant, however, that the programme commencement was delayed by 8 weeks.  The delay meant that the Validation works had to be carried out alongside the Strip Out Works and within a then revised 18 week programme. During that revised programme we were able to complete our contract works together with a set of variation works without any further extension on site.

Our works were undertaken across the Basement, Lower Ground and Ground Floor up to Level 6. Redundant Plant was also removed from the roof. A restaurant and coffee shop were located in close proximity to our building and shared services were fed through Northcliffe House. Whilst some of the works were undertaken during the Covid lockdown in January, once the businesses re-opened, extra consideration was needed to ensure that there was minimal noise disruption to protect their trading.

Validation Works

Alongside the strip out package and in some cases in advance of, we were tasked with undertaking validations to many of the M&E systems across the building. This would assist to inform the design and installation of the M&E for the refurbishment works which were to follow directly upon completion of our works.

We have provided below an outline of these validations, all of which were co-ordinated by our Mechanical Contractors MB Air:

  • Pressure Testing and Smoke Testing to the Gas meter room ventilation/ Natural smoke ventilation/ Office fresh air ventilation.
  • Alterations to the LTHW & CHW systems which included cutting, capping and looping the systems on each of the cores, a re-configuration of rooftop and basement pipework and additional electrical and BMS controls installed to run the pumps and keep the water circulating.
  • Testing and Validations to the Oil tank ,pumps and tenant generator including a full service of the generator and installation of new controls.
  • Decommissioning of the Cold Water Tank and associated services to include regular testing of the water and intervals throughout the works.
  • CCTV Survey and pressure testing of the sanitary plumbing and rain water.
  • 25 Year Test of the Sprinkler Installation, annual service of the pumps and full survey of the tank.
  • Black Building Test undertaken on the electrical infrastructure including HV switchgear and transformers, LV switch panel, sun mains, rising busbar and generator life safety. Co-ordination with our lift engineers to shutdown the lifts prior and restart after together with our fire alarm contractor were required to ensure that this critical test was undertaken with minimal disruption to the overall works.
  • Full survey of Lighting Protecting and earthing to include connection points, down tapes and earthing pits.

Scope of Works

The main works comprised of the internal Strip Out back to shell, including the removal of:

  • Floor coverings
  • Raised access floors
  • Underfloor services
  • Suspended ceiling, lighting and associated conduit
  • Partitions walls, glazed and plasterboard
  • Redundant M&E to above ceiling services
  • Commercial kitchens and dumb waiters
  • Removal of pipework, ductwork and electrical systems through risers on all three cores
  • All toilets across the building with the exception of welfare areas.
  • Careful Removal of the wall linings and secondary glazing to expose the listed façade and cathodic protection system.
  • Stone cladding to lift lobbies and ground floor reception
  • Removal of AC units and condensers
  • Fire alarm system
  • Cladding removal to Columns
  • M&E on the roof, lower ground floor and in the basement
  • Sprinkler system in part
  • Auditorium
  • Screed

On completion of the project we have received a letter of recommendation from the client’s representative highlighting the management of the project and undertaking the works during COVID:

“I am writing to thank you all for your hard work, in particular to Kevin Rumley, whose management of the strip out process was exemplary, ensuring that the project was completed to programme.”

“This made for a seamless sequencing of the works in a safe manner, in particular when incorporating the management of implementing the works in relation to covid matters. I can honestly say KpH’s attitude to health and safety was of the highest standard.”

Richard Burgess – RJB Project Management