Medicines Gallery, Science Museum

Strip Out and Enabling

Client: CBRE Ltd
Project: Medicines Gallery, Science Museum

Brief Description

KpH Deconstruction successfully completed an 8 week Strip-Out and Enabling works project in the Medicines Galley (Level 1) at the Science Museum in London.

The Science Museum stayed open through-out the works therefore particular care had to be taken to prevent works, dust or noise from disturbing or inconveniencing Science Museum Staff (from carrying out their usual duties) or the members of the public (from the enjoyment of the live exhibits).

Special screening was put up to prevent dust or damage to the exhibits and special arrangements were made with the Museum Team to make sure noisy works were only carried out during the least disruptive hours of the day.

KpH had to adhere to very strict security rules and so made sure that all members of the team were signed up to the Scottish Disclose online procedure, as required by the customer, and adhered to security standards while on Site.

The works to remove Asbestos were not part of the original specification, but KpH were able to integrate these works into the programme and subsequently arranged for the task to be completed within the original requested deadline.

Scope of Works

An R & D Survey was firstly completed in preparation to co-ordinate the removal of Asbestos.

Works then included the removal of the following interiors:

  • Plasterboard;
  • Non-Load-Bearing Walls;
  • Columns Casings;
  • Floor Coverings;
  • Museum Display Cases (which were carefully removed with specialist glass management equipment).

Hoarding and Protective Screening was erected (for dust management and safety reasons).

Protections were installed in and around the Passenger Lifts.