Luton Airport

Structural Alteration and Concrete Demolition

Client: Area Square Ltd
Project: Luton Airport

Brief Description

Working as Sub-contractor for Area Square Ltd, KpH Deconstruction completed a contract, spanning over a 5 week period, to demolish the existing Easyjet/Easyland and Ocean Sky jet terminal buildings down to ground floor slab level, removing any projections such as steel columns or reinforcement above the typical ground floor slab level, so that the footprint/foundations of the building can be used as a temporary car park.

Before any works could commence, KpH had to set up two Dust Suppression Units so that it kept the airport’s runway clear of dust particles.

KpH also had to be particularly careful to avoid damage to the existing ground floor slabs and remove any projections which may cause damage to parked cars.

Scope of Works

  • Soft strip internally all buildings to be demolished.
  • Remove all external plant to allow scaffold screen construction.
  • In a controlled sequence demolish and remove single storey pre-fabricated buildings.
  • Clear all debris from site minimising dust during operation.