Grove Lodge, London

General Demolition

Client: ME Construction
Project: Grove Lodge, London 

Brief Description:

KpH undertook this 5 week Strip Out and Enabling project for our Client, ME Construction, at Grove Lodge. The property is a residential dwelling made up of 3 Floors, a Basement, a separate Garage and 3 Outbuildings.

The works consisted of the internal Soft Strip of the house and Demolition of the Outbuildings and Conservatory.

KpH took care to preserve all architectural features, such as skirting and floorboards, while removing the balustrade for the purpose of opening up the Gallery, and main adjoining timber Staircase, from Ground Floor to First Floor.

Appropriate steps were taken when dismantling the Roof of the Outbuilding.  Podiums were erected to ensure safe removal of the Roof tiles and extraction of the timber frame. Once complete, the structural elements were dismantled from the top down.

The site was shared with other trades carrying out groundworks, therefore we had to meticulously plan and adhere to strict egress routes to successfully navigate around the building and remove waste safely. KpH overcame the restrictions of movement on site by coordinating deliveries, collections and skip movements with the needs and activities of interested parties.

Works were successfully completed within a tight deadline.

Scope of Works

  • Brickwork and paving slabs were lifted, cleaned and palletised for re-use.
  • The underground watercourse was monitored by specialists to avoid flooding.
  • The listed features within the property were protected, removed or stowed away for safe-keeping (depending on the needs of the Client).