Dolphin Square, Duncan House

Strip Out & Enabling

Client: Axa Investment Managers Real Assets (AXA-IM RA)
Project: Dolphin Square, Duncan House

Brief Description:

KpH Deconstruction undertook this 14 week Strip Out Enabling project, working alongside Project Managers Radcliffes. Duncan House is made up of 104 apartments over 9 storeys, each house across the estate has two passenger lifts accompanied by a central staircase. The apartments are accessed via a common parts corridor on each floor.

We adopted a Scaffold and Hoist Approach for the works and sought prices from our preferred Scaffolding Contractor; Kitts Scaffolding.  To satisfy the specific project requirements we allowed for a 1000kg Hoist with 10 landing gates accessing all floors to cater for waste movements. On each floor we removed 1No sash window and installed a temporary door access with ramped run off.

Our skip wait and load area was surrounded by Heras fencing as a practical solution should there of been any immediate requirements to adjust / move the site compound, particularly in the event of an emergency.  These had added covers / monoflex for security, privacy as well as to maintain standards of appearance.  Lights were added along the fencing to ensure that general vehicle access navigating around the designated site area was clearly marked in both day and night.

Our experience told us that with the residential make-up of the Dolphin Square Estate, consideration needed to be given to the potential for noise disturbance during some of our works. The majority of the strip out based on the techniques we adopted was undertaken during normal working hours.  However we were aware that some of the heavier services removal or the likes of minor demolition works had the potential to cause disturbance.

In light of the residential nature of the surrounding area and building we realised a more traditional OOH approach could not be adopted.  We clarified with the client that noisier works as outlined above could not take place before 9am, between 12:30pm and 2pm as well as after 5pm. Given the proximity of both Rodney and Beatty House we had an agreement to determine the best time to undertake these works that was manually beneficial to all parties; to achieve an agreement we had a liaison in early October 2021 during our mobilisation period.

As a central feature within our bid we proposed to partner with Globechain on this project who are one of the leading non‐profit enterprises in the reuse of disposable waste. Through their platform they allow us to reach out to charities and businesses in need and arrange for collection of unwanted items that can go on to be re‐purposed and re‐used therefore allowing us to promote a more circular economy approach which will provide our client with valuable ESG data on completion of our works.

Scope of Works

The scope of works consisted of the strip out of the following items:

  • Floor Finishes
  • Non Load Bearing Walls
  • Redundant M&E Services
  • Raised Access Flooring
  • Strip out of WC’s
  • Kitchenettes
  • Water Tanks
  • AC Units
  • Services within Services Voids