Colegrave House, Berners Street

Soft Strip and Enabling

Client: Arcadia Group PLC
Project: Colegrave House, Berners Street – Phase 1
Brief Description

Enabling Package works at Arcadia Group HQ in Berners Street, bounded by Oxford Street. Works are currently ongoing across several phases to accommodate a complex programme incorporating various trades. The building is situated above a live shopping plaza and therefore works have been carefully programmed often to incorporate out of hours and night working.

Working on behalf of Arcadia Group and ISG together with various other contractors on site, this project consists of the following elements:

  • NNLW Asbestos Removal.
  • Strip out to shell and core across Level 6 and a portion of Level 2 of the building.
  • Removal of Curtain Walling including frames and external/internal glazing.
  • Removal of Roof Top Plant, Generator and Plant Platforms.
  • Removal of Atrium Brick wall.
  • Full Strip out to shell and core of core areas across several phases.
  • Removal of Ground Floor canopies situated in various locations.
  • Removal of ventilation fans feeding the existing retail units on the Ground Floor (Due to the live nature of these areas works were undertaken out of hours).
  • Constant liaison with live tenants who are occupying part of the 1st and 2nd Floors.