Amersham Place, Amersham

Strip Out and Enabling

Client: BW Interiors
Project: Amersham Place, Amersham

Brief Description

KpH Deconstruction successfully completed a 12 week programme of Strip-Out (back to core) and Enabling works at Amersham Place, an office block consisting of four floors (Lower Ground, Ground, Mezzanine, First and Second), including Roof Top Plant.

Some of our works on this project required specialist techniques and careful planning to successfully execute. The Roof Top plant removal required the co-ordination of a 120 ton crane service using calibrated skips. A 12 metre high chimney was systematically deconstructed in a controlled manor using hot-cutting works with oxy-propane. Asbestos removal works were also undertaken to cut and remove non-licenced asbestos from the ducting and gaskets.

Our gantry and scaffolding system design on this project protected local residents from the disturbance of noise, debris and dust (through the erection of acoustic sound barriers and netting throughout the structure), and enabled us to remove waste from the building without being reliant on lifts and stairs; increasing the efficiency of the process and reducing the programme duration. Further dust reduction techniques were used by dampening down the dust as the waste was loaded onto the skips.

Sound level testing was carried out to make sure our noise reduction provisions were affective and that the noise produced from our works was at an acceptable level.

Hoarding was erected around the perimeter of the site for the protection of the public and containment of works. The hoarding remained in situ for use by the Main Contractor throughout their fit-out works up to project completion.

As the project progressed, additional works were identified. This included the strip out and removal of concrete plinths, floors, and screed in the Basement. KpH were able to incorporate these works into the existing programme. KpH also assisted the Client to drain down some of it’s services and provided waste tankers operating under the appropriate water disposal licence to remove the waste water from site.

Scope of Works

Strip out/dismantling and removal of the following:

  • ceiling finishes, floor finishes, partitions, doors, screens, soffit spray insulation fixtures and fittings;
  • services and associated containment;
  • masonry partitions;
  • Plant Room;
  • air-conditioning units;
  • Security Room and Pantry walls;
  • walls and glazing to be stripped out for new lift (installing temporary edge protection);
  • entrance doors and glazing to frontage;
  • Kitchen
  • Ground, First and Second Floor Toilets and facilities.
  • stairs from Basement to Ground Floor and stairs from Mezzanine Landing to Second Floor;
  • Second Floor Terrace.


Strip out/dismantling and removal of the following:

  • skylight;
  • Plant within housing;
  • risers;
  • perimeter heating and linings;
  • boiler flue;
  • break out of riser infills;
  • small sections of raised access floor.