40-41 Great Marlborough Street, London – PHASE 2

General Demolition

Client: GPF Lewis Contracts Ltd
Project: 40-41 Great Marlborough Street, London – PHASE 2

Brief Description

Following a successful enabling works phase, undertaken in the capacity of Principal Contractor, KpH undertook a 13 week demolition programme of a 3 storey extension at the back of 40-41 Great Marlborough Street in London on behalf of GPF Lewis.

There were many challenges on this project, one being the access to site for the collection of waste. Great Marlborough Street is a very busy road and therefore KpH made careful arrangements to protect pedestrians from loading vehicles and cage vans transporting waste from site. The majority of skip drop-off and collections were arranged for the early hours of the morning when there was less activity on the roads and pathways. A chute was built from an extended gantry over the public footpath and a marshalling system was in place to direct traffic and members of the public to areas of safety during the progress of waste from the Basement (which had to come through the hoarding on Ground Level).

There were open restaurants on both sides of the property during the works, so management and reduction of dust and noise was also a priority. We planned our noisy works in timeslots throughout the day that had been pre-agreed with the affected parties. We also cut the floor slabs away from the joining walls before dismantling them with breakers, reducing the vibration through party walls and minimising disruption to our neighbours.

Scope of Works

The works involved the demolition of the 3 storey extension from Level 2 to Basement Level at the back of the main 5 storey building. This included:

  • the removal of Roof Top Plant and the flat roof itself;
  • the removal of the supporting steel beams, brick spine walls, floors and floor joists on each level (working from Level 2 downwards systematically to prevent collapse or damage to the main building structure);
  • the breaking up and removal of the floor slab (concrete and hard core layers) throughout the Basement in the extension and main building;
  • the dismantling and removal of the main building back external brick wall from Level 4 to Ground Level and the rebuild of the wall to a different specification ready for PHASE 3 works.