25 North Colonnade, London

Strip Out and Enabling

Client: Blackstone Property Management
Project: 25 North Colonnade, London

Brief Description:

In the capacity of Principal Contractor, KpH Deconstruction undertook this 20 week Strip Out and Enabling project for Blackstone Property Management. The site is in a 16-storey office building, covering 32,000 m², built in the mid-1990s.

The works comprise of the internal Soft Strip of the building back to shell, including the removal of existing services; 104 tons of Roof Top Plant; a 7 ton Generator; Cooling Towers and associated pipework and pumps.

It was not possible to use a crane for the waste removal from the Roof, so each element was broken down into manageable fragments, by a team of skilled Operatives using specialist techniques and equipment, and carried out, via a carefully planned egress route, through the building to the waste extraction point.

Due to the building location, we implemented a robust Traffic Management Plan and introduced Noise Assessments to regularly check that we were not adversely affecting the local community and businesses.

Considerate Contractors Scheme – Performance Beyond Compliance Certificate

This project was subject to the Considerate Constructors Scheme. Our Project Team achieved an award of Performance Beyond Compliance in recognition of the achievements made regarding the Schemes code of practice, a few of which have been detailed below:

Securing Everyone’s Safety

Our Health and Safety (H&S) standards were marked as “exceptional”, scoring a very impressive 9 out of 9 and proving our ongoing commitment to surpassing standards. The auditor was particularly impressed that we are able to keep our workforce engaged in supporting Health and Safety campaigns and initiatives; providing a Suggestion Box to encourage feedback and awarding a “Site Operative of the Month” gift voucher to those that show exceptional care and attention.

Respect for the Community

Due to the challenges presented by the site’s location, we designed and implemented a robust Traffic Management Plan. The auditor complimented KpH on our initiative in appointing a Banksman who had worked for the previous tenants and was therefore familiar with the workings of the building, and able to add value to the smooth running of our logistics. The auditor was also impressed with the level of informative content in our Newsletter.

Care About Appearance

The auditor said that the appearance of our site was excellent and the quality of information in and around site was particularly noteworthy.

Protect the Environment

The auditor was pleased to see the effectiveness of our Dust Suppression Systems.

Valuing Our Workforce

We encourage our Operatives to maintain and progress their qualifications and offer them e-learning services on site. This was praised by the auditor, along with our provisions for workforce welfare.

Scope of Works

The works comprise of the internal Strip Out of the building back to shell, including the removal of:

  • existing services;
  • 104 tons of Roof Top Plant;
  • Cooling Towers;
  • a 7 ton Generator; and
  • associated pipework and pumps.