19 – 23 Wells Street, London

Strip Out and Enabling

Client: British Land / Alinea Consulting
Project: 19 – 23 Wells Street, London

Brief Description

KpH Deconstruction undertook this 6 week Strip Out and Enabling project as Principal Contractor at 19-23 Wells Street, London, for the client, British Land, alongside Cost Consultant, Alinea Consulting.

This 7 storey, 1930s, office building had a cinema on the Lower Ground Floor, dormer windows and a curved Roof. It had previously won an award for its Art Deco features and parts of the structure are Grade II listed.

KpH had to take appropriate steps to comply with the Grade II listed regulations and ensure that the structure and key features were preserved and protected. This included the external facades, windows, staircases, original light switches and air handling equipment, doors and skirting boards.

The property adjacent to 19-23 Well Street was a new build that was still under construction and, as a result, was busy with building works and the movement of Contractors. The street was already narrow, but the two sites working in such close proximity made it extremely congested and difficult to navigate around. In order to overcome this challenge, KpH had to liaise with neighbouring Site Managers and Contractors to coordinate works and the movement of vehicles (for waste removal and equipment deliveries).

KpH successfully maintained and protected the existing Fire Alarms System on the above-ground floors which was asked to be kept operational by the client.

Scope of Works

Strip Out back to shell on all floors of the following:

  • Floor Coverings and Carpets;
  • block Partitions;
  • Ceilings and grid;
  • Fixture and Fittings;
  • fixed Tea Points;
  • Toilets;
  • redundant M&E;
  • Cinema Seating, Walls, Bar Area and Foyer (on the Lower Ground Floor only).

KpH arranged for the removal of Licensable and Non-Licensable Asbestos to be removed using our approved Sub-Contractors.