16 Whitehall, London

Strip Out and Enabling

Client: Colliers International
Project: 16 Whitehall, London

Brief Description:

Acting in the capacity of Principal Contractor and working alongside Colliers International, KpH engaged in a three week Strip Out and Enabling Project within a Public House in Westminster. The works consisted of the strip out of the Ground Floor Area, the Basement and the Plant Deck.

Although the works were priced prior to the nationwide lockdown, the contract was successfully negotiated during the lockdown period and on this occasion without impact to the original cost. We were able to assess that due to the size of the floor footprint and volume of men required to undertake the works we could maintain social distancing and still deliver the works safely and within programme.

Considerations that were given in order to achieve this were as follows:

  • Site operatives were encouraged where possible not to travel to work using public transport. If that couldn’t be avoided, flexibility was allowed in terms of potential lateness due to the overcrowded tube network as operatives were encouraged to wait for less crowded carriages.
  • Prior to entering site all site personnel’s temperatures were taken with a non-contact infrared thermometer. Any personnel  registering an elevated temperature after 2 readings were requested to go home and advised to self-isolate. They would then not be allowed back on any KpH site for at least 7 days to ensure compliance with Government guidance. Their absence was then managed and monitored using our bespoke Covid-19 Absence Management App.
  • Kitchen welfare facilities were scaled back to avoid any cross contamination from touching taps, microwave and fridge doors. Bottled water was provided for all site operatives. A strict cleaning regime was adopted on site and handwashing stations were installed at all entry and exit points.
  • Availability of sufficient and appropriate RPE and PPE for the tasks required

Scope of Works

The Scope of Works consisted of the removal and disposal of Fixtures and Fittings, Ceiling and Grids, Carpet and Vinyl Floor, Ceiling Services, the Kitchen and Kitchen Lift, Bar Area, Plant Room and Plant Room Roof, Redundant M&E, Radiators, Air Conditioning Units, Toilet Facilities, redundant ductwork.