1-5 London Wall Buildings, London

Sympathetic Strip Out 

Client: Endurance Land
Project: 1-5 London Wall Buildings, London

Brief Description:

Acting in the capacity of Principal Contractor, KpH were engaged by Quantem Consulting, on behalf of our Client, Endurance Land, to undertake this 3 week Sympathetic Strip Out and Enabling project at 1-5 London Wall Buildings; a Grade II listed property (built in 1901) comprising of circa 209,307 ft² over 7 Floors, Ground, Lower Ground and Basement. The building is divided into a number of office suites from 100 ft² to 17,000 ft² and is currently let to approximately 36 tenants.

Our deconstruction works would enable the Client to refurbish the Ground Floor and First Floor areas of the property.

To complete the works successfully, KpH had to take appropriate steps to comply with the Grade II listed regulations and ensure that the structure and key features were preserved and protected. Special techniques were used to control the nuisance of dust.

Due to the building being occupied throughout the works, key elements of the project required a considered approach. KpH mitigated the noise nuisance to office users by conducting “Noisy Works” out of hours at designated times. Skips were delivered and collected from site between 6pm – 7pm to avoid traffic congestion and disturbance to daily activities. Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Isolations, to remove redundant services, were conducted between 8pm—9pm to ensure that power was not compromised during tenant business hours.

During the works, Chrysotile Asbestos was discovered in the floor tiles and bitumen adhesive under the raised access floor. KpH adapted quickly to this discovery and were able to safely remove the floor tiles, under controlled conditions, to a licenced facility for disposal. The bitumen adhesive was encapsulated in ET150 paint and the mastic was removed, without disturbing the Asbestos, by cutting each side of the joint and removing the sections. This was treated as Hazardous Waste and removed under licenced conditions for safe disposal.

Scope of Works

The Sympathetic Strip Out (back to core) included the removal of the following:

  • Non-Licensable Asbestos (utilising approved Sub-Contractors where necessary).
  • Fixture and Fittings, including: Skirtings, Blinds, Doors, Wall Finishes (e.g. Wall Paper), all non-original Lights Fixture and Fittings.
  • Internal non-loadbearing Partitions, including secondary Glazing.
  • Raised Access Flooring and Floor Finishes, including: Carpet Tiles, Matwell and Parquet Floor.
  • Suspend Ceilings and Grid.
  • Tea Points.

We also removed the redundant Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Services, including:

  • perimeter mounted Radiators to Facades;
  • ceiling mounted Air-Conditioning (AC) Units, associated secondary ductwork and ceiling mounted Diffusers;
  • window mounted Extractor Fan;
  • various Lighting Systems (ceiling mounted, wall mounted, concealed etc.), Lighting Controls (i.e. Area Control Units, PIRs, Switches), Cabling and Containment;
  • Cabling back to the Distribution Board (including making safe).